Collagen – Why do we need it?

Comprising a whopping 80% of your skin, collagen is essential for skin support, firmness, elasticity and hydration. The more collagen you have the more healthy, elastic and supple your skin is and, therefore, the more youthful it appears.

Cosmetic products, like creams, serums and lotions, only work on the top layer of the skin, reinforcing the skin’s barrier function and improving its protective abilities.

However, the visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, decreased elasticity and firmness, and dryness, are all symptoms of what’s happening beneath the surface—in the skin’s deeper layers.

And what happens as we get older is that the underlying deep structure of our skin is affected by loss of collagen leading to



of Firmness

We lose an alarming 1% of our skin collagen every year after the age of 25! This means the average person has lost almost half of the collagen in their skin by the age of 50.


As a result, the collagen matrix of our skin is weakened and broken. And what you see in the mirror is thinner, less elastic skin that starts to sag and wrinkle.*

That’s where Posch Collagen Water comes in….